Chivers Trailers

Here at Chivers Marine we have been building our own quality WA made trailers for well over 40 years.

We have a large range of standard boat trailers to suit anything and everything from small tinnies to 8.5m vessels . All our trailers are fully welded and hot dip galvanised. Standard features include:

  • Full 12 months warranty

  • LED submersible lights

  • Combination winch & rope strap

  • Brand new light truck radials

  • Jockey wheel

  • Galvanised axles, springs & hubs.

Trailer Models and Prices

Model Length Braked Axle Rim AGM Price
CTR3.5 3.3-4.1m nil Single 13 750kg $2500
CTR4.5 4.2-4.8m Cable Single 13 1190kg $4135
CTR5.2 4.8-5.5m Cable Single 14 1190kg $4830
CTR5.8 5.5-6.2m Cable Dual 13 2000kg $5850
CTR6.3 6.0-6.5m Cable Dual 13 2000kg $6730
CTR6.3H 6.0-6.5m Electric Hydraulic Dual 14 3200kg $9325
CTR6.8H 6.4-7.0m Electric Hydraulic Dual 14 3200kg $12350
CTR7.1H 6.7-7.4m Electric Hydraulic Dual 14 3200kg $13600
CTR7.6H 7.2-7.7m Electric Hydraulic Dual 14 3200kg $14850
CTR8.0L 7.5-8.5m Electric Hydraulic Dual 16 4490kg $17350
CTR8.0T 7.5-8.5m Electric Hydraulic Tri 14 4490kg $19550


We also offer custom designed trailers specific to your personal boating requirements.


Some other options include:

  • Extendable draw bars

  • Hinged rear cross members

  • Drop down spare wheel and bracket

  • Electric Trailer Winches

  • Full length walkways

  • Fully adjustable rollers

  • Off-road tow hitches

  • and Many more upon request