Sports Centreline Series

Welded Alloy - Suits Boats up to 5.0M


Trailer Specification

Trailer ModelACL 5M-13BH
Brake TypeMechanical Brakes*
Wheel Size13″
Tyre Size175
Boat Size5M
Trailer Gross Mass (kgs)1440*
Trailer Mass kg Only254
Length O/A5750
Width O/A2290
Width Between Guards1790
*Other wheelbase options are available in this size.

Sports Centreline Series

 The Australian “Tinnie” is unique around the globe and is the largest part of the boating market down under.  From small dinghies to large ocean-going fishing boats the pressed alloy boats fit the bill and have been bestsellers for many years.

Pressed Aluminium boats (Tinnies) get most of their structural rigidity from the keel line and a series of strong extruded elements like the chines and gunnels. The outer skin of alloy sheeting keeps the water out but isn’t designed to carry a great deal of weight in any one place, so to safely trailer a “Tinnie” it’s critical that the majority of the load be supported by the keel line.

Just as the boats are unique so is the trailer that is designed to perfectly match, the Sports Centreline Series.

The sleek alloy frames are shaped specifically to suit, and the double braced cross members are positioned at varying intervals to effectively disperse loads. The Twin roller system pivots as the keel angle changes and the entire trailer is fitted with specialized rollers that will take the rough and tough treatment that a keel can dish out, yet soft enough to disperse the high frequency vibrations that are transmitted through the trailer when towing.

Flanking each of the main roller assemblies is a fully adjustable nylon “Centreline” bumper that directs the keel back to the main rollers when retrieving the boat. This increases the “target zone” by 200% and ensures that driving your boat on is an option.

The most noticeable feature of the Sports Centreline is the unique curved entry frames at the rear of the trailer. Lined with hard wearing nylon buffer strips they “trap” the bow of the boat when retrieving and align the boat with the main roller assemblies. As the hull pushes forward, they begin lifting across the bow section to minimise the effort required to get the boat back onto the trailer.

Lastly is the centreline series side skids which are larger than any other model in the line-up. They are fully adjustable and when set up correctly will ensure that your boat sits level in the frame and is supported along the key load bearing areas of the hull. Manufactured from heavy duty Galvanised steel they won’t warp, twist or rot (like timber or some cheaper plastics in the market today), so you can be assured that your hull is being protected as you tow.

The Sports Centreline Series Boasts our revolutionary “Undercarriage” system, meaning that the entire axle, spring and guard assembly can be moved forwards or rearwards on the main frame. This allows for the precise fine tuning of your trailer to provide the perfect tow weight on the back of your car. With the perfect tow weight comes smooth, effortless towing and greater comfort and safety when you are out on the road.

The Sports Centreline is one of our best-selling trailer ranges, and it’s for a very good reason. Easy to use, tough and stylish… They get the job done so you can concentrate on boating.

Other Standard Features:

  • Unique “Bolt Free” welded alloy frames for lifelong peace of mind.
  • Custom Waterproof LED Lighting system.
  • Concealed internal wiring harness that prevents damage to your electrics and adds to the visual appeal.
  • Heavy Duty “Swing up” jockey wheel as standard.
  • Standard with heavy duty galvanised steel wheels, and your choice of UV stabilised plastic guards (black, white, grey).
  • Australian Standards Approved Couplings for security when under tow.
  • Pre-Machined 15MM Brake rotors (where fitted) and 150MM Heavy duty Non-Braked hubs to keep you rolling out on the highway.
  • Bearing Protectors and High-grade Automotive seals that won’t let you down.
  • High Grade Light truck DOT Approved tyres as standard.
  • Galvanised U-bolts, nuts and plates throughout.
  • Matched Strap Winches that won’t bind on the drum.
  • Dunbier “ Undercarriage System” for fine tuning of your trailer balance.

Alloy Wheels, Spare wheel brackets, extended drawbars, walkways or jerry can holders you name it, we have it. Check our list of Accessory items below or contact our dealers to see the full list of options.

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      Chivers Marine
      An iconic name in Boating in Western Australia, Chivers Marine has been selling quality marine products since 1958. 


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