How to Effectively Sell Your Boat in Perth

How to Effectively Sell Your Boat in Perth

November 24, 2023

Are you pondering over the question, “How can I sell my boat efficiently and at a good price?” Selling a boat can be as complex as buying one, but with the right strategy, it can be a smooth sailing experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the crucial steps and tips to effectively sell your boat in Perth, ensuring you get the best deal possible.

Understanding the Boat Selling Market

Market Trends and Pricing

Before listing your boat for sale, it’s essential to understand the current market. Research similar boats in terms of size, brand, age, and condition to get an idea of the competitive pricing landscape. This will help you set a realistic and attractive price for your boat. Look at recently sold listings to determine an appropriate asking price. Factors like condition, features, trailer inclusion, electronics, engine hours, and more can impact value.

Timing Your Sale

The timing of your sale can significantly impact its success. Generally, spring and early summer are the best times to sell a boat, as buyers are gearing up for the boating season. Selling during these peak times can often result in a quicker sale and potentially a better price. However, good deals can still happen in the off-season if you price competitively and market effectively.

Preparing Your Boat for Sale

Cleaning and Maintenance

First impressions matter. A well-maintained, clean boat is more appealing to potential buyers. Ensure your boat is thoroughly cleaned, including the hull, deck, and interior. Address any maintenance issues and consider minor upgrades or repairs that could increase the boat’s value. Consider detailing both exterior and interior. Wax the hull, polish chrome, touch up blemishes, fix cracks, replace broken items, etc.

Documentation and Records

Having all necessary documents and maintenance records organized and ready can significantly streamline the selling process. This includes registration, insurance, and service records. Providing a clear history of the boat instills confidence in potential buyers. Make copies of all documentation to provide.

Staging Your Boat

Consider adding decor touches, removing clutter, enhancing storage organization, and staging your boat similar to staging a home for sale. This can help buyers picture themselves enjoying your boat. Target accessories to your ideal buyer.

Marketing Your Boat

Creating an Effective Listing

A compelling listing is crucial in attracting buyers. Include high-quality photographs from different angles, both interior and exterior. Write a detailed description covering all key features, specifications, and any unique selling points of your boat. Craft an honest, attention-grabbing headline and emphasize what makes your boat special.

Utilizing Multiple Platforms

Don’t limit your listing to just one platform. Utilize various online marketplaces, boating forums, and social media to widen your reach. Consider also listing on local classifieds and boating magazines. Cast a wide net by promoting your listing across boat trader websites, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, forums, marina bulletin boards, email newsletters, boating club listings, etc.

Conducting Viewings and Test Rides
Organizing Viewings

When a potential buyer shows interest, arrange a viewing at a convenient time and location. Ensure the boat is in pristine condition for the viewing and be prepared to answer any questions the buyer might have. Confirm the date/time, provide directions, share contact info, prepare educational materials, charge batteries, add fuel, etc.

Offering Test Rides

Offering a test ride can significantly increase the chances of a sale. It allows the buyer to experience the boat firsthand. Ensure safety measures are in place and that the boat is fully operational for the test ride. Require signed waivers, ride along, validate licensing, mandate life jackets, etc.

Pro Tips for Boat Sale Success

  • Hire a marine surveyor to identify issues early
  • Consider offering owner financing to qualify more buyers
  • Price competitively based on market data
  • Be available to show the boat whenever possible
  • Disclose all information and maintenance history

Negotiating the Sale

Setting Realistic Expectations

It’s important to set realistic expectations regarding price and be open to negotiations. However, know your bottom line and be prepared to walk away if the offer is too low. Research typical negotiation tactics and ranges so you can recognizing fair offers.

Handling Offers and Counteroffers

Be professional and courteous when handling offers. If you receive a low offer, make a reasonable counteroffer. Effective negotiation is key to achieving a satisfactory sale price. Respond promptly to all offers, even those you don’t accept. Provide clear reasoning for counteroffers to move the deal forward.

Finalizing the Sale

Legal and Financial Considerations

Once you agree on a price, ensure all legal and financial aspects are handled correctly. This includes drafting a bill of sale, transferring the title, and handling the payment securely. Require proof of funds, handle payment transfer securely, verify buyer identity, utilize escrow if needed.

After-Sale Responsibilities

After the sale, there might be post-sale responsibilities like canceling your insurance or notifying the relevant authorities about the change of ownership. Remove your name from registrations, cancel automatic payments, notify your homeowner’s insurance, etc.

10 Tips for Successfully Selling Your Boat

  1. Price competitively
  2. Emphasize special features
  3. Offer test rides
  4. Utilize multiple listing sites
  5. Be flexible with showings
  6. Provide maintenance records
  7. Address issues early on
  8. Be open to negotiations
  9. Handle legalities correctly
  10. Time listing strategically


Selling your boat doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By understanding the market, preparing your boat, effectively marketing it, conducting professional viewings, and handling negotiations and legalities properly, you can ensure a smooth and successful sale.

For personalized assistance and expert advice on selling your boat, visit us at Chivers Marine, where our dedicated team is ready to guide you every step of the way. Let us help you turn “sell my boat” into a successful and rewarding experience.

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